The Uninvited Guest

I intended to continue where I left off yesterday in describing my orchard planning process, but something happened today that I thought I would share with you.

Hello everyone, I hope your day went well today. My day turned out just fine, but I have to say it started-off a bit shaky. After leaping out of bed, tossing the blankets off to one side like an overly eager child on Christmas morning, I happily greeted the warm glow of the steadily rising sun (right!).  I got up. 

As I got busy doing my morning routine, I kept noticing the dust on everything. Lingering dust from construction, dust that’s made its way in from outside when my Border Collie comes racing back in from the backyard.  Then there’s the dust from just living here in the desert. It’s almost paralyzing. I have to say it’s very challenging to keep on top of and I am soooo done with the “dust thing”.  With a few hours of “busy work”, I was finally able to ease out of my annoyed state of mind.  Hubby came home from work and within a short period time after his arrival, a little excitement presented itself… an uninvited guest.

Pinny, my Border Collie, and I had been traipsing back and forth from the backyard to the house and back again, as I watered my fruit trees and set the timer in the house.  On one of the trips, and without warning mind you, Pinny and I were taken by surprise. Ambushed I tell you.  Pinny, with her sharp Border Collie senses and keen sniffing ability, took notice first of the intruder lurking in the shadows behind the weathered trash container just to the left of the back door.  Eager to face the unknown, Pinny bolted out the door to the other side of the trash can.  I hadn’t even taken a single step beyond the door threshold when suddenly the intruder presented itself to me.  It was a fine specimen standing boldly before me with its shiny ochre coat and perfectly placed white stripes along its sides, but I was taken aback by its shiny alert eyes, eerily fixated on mine.

With a quick flicker of its tail, it screeched out an annoyingly loud chatter, which I’m certain in its native tongue was a harsh word or two, then, uninvited, scurried into the house past my foot quickly vanishing into the darkness of our new addition. No sooner did the critter’s tiny figure disappear in the distance, Max, my 5-year-old Lynx Point Himalayan, who was sleeping peacefully in a small brown cardboard box prepared graciously by my husband, leaped into action. 

As a long-time owner of kitties, I knew Max’s expectation of such an unexpected exciting opportunity would be jolly fun then certain death and dismemberment.  I had to act quickly.  I yelled for my husband Ted, who hastened to my side. Without missing a beat, Pinny joined us as we proceeded into the addition, but she seemed a tad bewildered.   Though in the past Pinny had been a formidable rival for the intruder’s kind, Pinny knew she’d been outwitted by this one’s scheming mind.  Nonetheless, she continued with us on our quest to seek out the uninvited guest and to prevent imminent disaster.

Upon entering my studio, located at the farthest point of the new addition, we quickly spotted Max, unbelievably giddy with joy, and the obviously disturbed intruder.  Without hesitation, I scooted both Max and Pinny out the double French doors of my studio and quickly closed the doors behind me, trapping the critter within the confines of my studio.  As Ted and I attempted to round-up our uninvited guest, the genius of the confident pint-sized foe was quickly revealed. Upon confidently climbing atop Pinny’s dog crate, which was leaning against a small table in the middle of the room, the diminutive opponent transformed temporarily into that of a flying squirrel propelling itself off the highest point into a nearby closed window.  The scene was highly comical mimicking that of a cartoon character splat up against a window than slithering down onto an uninviting cement floor. Unscathed by our mockery, our tiny elusive foe launched itself repeatedly into the air only to come up against the very same failed result as before.

Moved by the comically tragic scene, we took pity upon the defeated varmint, and opened a larger window across the room.  As if able to smell freedom, the uninvited guest quickly realized its opportunity for escape and without hesitation, it proceeded to scurry across the room, past my foot, up the short distance from the floor to the edge of the window to home sweet home. 

Even now, as I ponder over the unusual incident and our quirky little visitor, I can’t help but wonder if its home lies within the pile of rubble just outside my studio window… and where my squirrel traps might be.

Thought you’d enjoy the story.  I’ll get back to my orchard planning process in my next post.

Wear a hat if you’re gonna be outside!  The sun’s back out here in Southern Nevada.

Many blessings!

The Artistic Desert Gardener


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  1. Lois Zablockis

    Sounds like that would have been a perfect photo opt. Maybe next time.

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