Beautiful Skies

Hi everyone.  Welcome back!

After sorting through some of my recent garden photographs this evening I made an executive decision to postpone continuing with the Planning the Orchard list for one more day.  The monsoon weather that came through the past week or so gave way for some great sky/cloud photo opportunities.  Thought I’d share these photos with you and a few others.  Hope you enjoy!

The “photo-op” was greatly appreciated, but having to paint a garage in the middle of this very humid and hot weather was, well… sticky wet.  Yuck.

Here’s a photo of our backyard orchard just in the last couple of days.  The trees are doing well and they loved the extra sip of moisture over the past week.

The temptation was too great… I had to add a few photos of Max.  He just looked so content and happy with his broken peacock feather.

I think he’s still looking for the squirrel. Ah, look at those cute little legs 🙂

Well, thank you for indulging me with the photos.  I’ll chat with you later.

Have a super-duper awesome day.  God bless.

The Artistic Desert Gardener



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2 responses to “Beautiful Skies

  1. Lois Zablockis

    Trees have really grown alot and Max is always a cutie. Where are pictures of Ginger and Pinney?

    • Hi Lois,
      Max is such a sweetheart. He does this adorable stretch and wave thing. Yes, literally, he waves with one leg and paw stretched out into the air as he stretches. Surprisingly, neither Ginger or Pinny were within sight when I had the camera out. I’ll be sure to take some photos and post them soon.

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