The Kitchen

Since the heat has kicked up lately, hubby and I have been staying indoors to keep cool and our outside projects have gone from a “get er done” pace to a slow crawl.  The heat has a way of doing that to ya.  Even going outside for about 1/2 hour to care for my trees at 9:00AM ( 100°F) yesterday morning kind of wiped me out for the remainder of the day.

Well, we’ve already got some projects planned for the month of September and with the recent heat trend, we’re not expecting September to be a cool one.  This means we’ll continue to focus more on indoor projects like finishing up the repairs on the last two walls in the kitchen and painting our new stock kitchen cabinets.  Despite the heat, we do have a couple of Saturdays (very early mornings) scheduled to continue working on the pool demo.  It’s fairly quiet work (clearing small debris, filling holes with small rocks, etc.) and progress has to be made for a city inspection this Fall.

In light of the upcoming work in the kitchen portion of our transformation project, I thought I’d share some before photos and photos of how it looks today.

Here’s the kitchen as we bought it.

Notice the interesting installation of the gas line on the back wall?  The french doors look ok in the photo, but they were in need of such repair – the doors didn’t fit well within the frame, deep scratches all over the bottom of the doors from “Cujo” (I’m guessing there), and the frame was exposed to the elements on the other side, etc.  The shims/screws inside the door frame were in plain sight – there was only board on the outside wall (no stucco).

My favorite was the small wall with the granite countertop on it.  You could go up to it and pull it back and forth fairly easily.  It was very loose.  Later, when we removed it, we discovered that the wall was not even bolted down to the floor, it just connected to the side wall with a couple of screws.  There was also an “illegal” gas line connection in that wall.  One good kick at the wall and who knows what could have happened.  There were also tons of loose exposed electrical wires (yes, they were live!).   One of the first things hubby did was cap all the electrical wires properly, turn off the gas then cut and capped the gas line to the back wall.

Another photo of the original Kitchen (after the small wall came down).

This back wall was utterly destroyed.  From the photo, the wall looks solid from the floor up, but there was a 12″ high cut out at the bottom of the wall (all the way across) that exposed the room to the outside elements.  We quickly covered these up with boards outside.  The original window was missing and boarded up and of course, no cabinets, plumbing, etc. (that’s a small utility sink hubby installed so we could have access to water as we worked on projects).  When all was said and done, the entire wall had to be completely reframed.

This wall is just to the right of the back wall in the previous photo.  Access to the new addition is where the big foam door is.  We had to put this up to keep the heat out from the construction area, plus we didn’t want our fur babies to get in there and get hurt. To the right of the foam door is the wall between the living room and the kitchen.  This wall has a very large opening so the kitchen looks out into the living room and vice versa.  Different, but we can make it work.

From the original photos to this photo, a ton of work had been completed.  This is essentially my kitchen as it stands today.  It’s not the most functional kitchen to work in right now, but I am so excited… we have tons of light, the back wall has been repaired, stuccoed outside, new insulation, drywall, etc.  It’s ready for texture and paint, well and of course, cabinets.  A sink. A faucet.  Okay, okay.  It’s getting there.