Slow Weekend

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend.

Our weekend was quiet.  I’ve noticed that when hubby and I push the “hold button” on our transformation project work for a couple of weeks, it’s hard to gear up and get started again.  This weekend was no exception.  Our lack of “get-up-and-go-ness” was amplified by pain I was experiencing from a shoulder/neck injury that happened over a month ago.  It decided to rear its ugly head on Thursday and subsided just a tad by Sunday.  Also, the weather here has been highly unpredictable over the last few days so we decided it was best to forego our assault on the “beast weed”. The extent of our work outside was to check in on the fruit trees, though I did cut off the flower buds on the “beast weed” on Friday afternoon and it seems to be struggling a bit 😉

The weather we’ve been experiencing here is from a series of thunderstorms passing through and last night’s storm put on a brilliant lightning show for us, which lasted for several hours. Lighting is so breathtaking and fascinating.  With the master bedroom window shade open, I laid down at the foot of the bed with my head propped up on a pillow and watched the show for a while.  Beautiful.

With things rather slow this weekend, hubby and I took advantage of this rare opportunity and ventured out on Saturday beyond our front porch to go to a couple of local farms and the UNCE Orchard.  Sorry, no pics!  We visited the Cowboy Trails Farm first and it was bustling with the activity of young children who were there for the unveiling of the “KIDZGRO2” program (a fall gardening education program for kids).  Since the children’s program was in full gear, the veggie stand was temporarily inaccessible, so we headed over to the Gilcrease Farm/Orchard, a “you pick farm” a few blocks away. 

In addition to being able to pay a small fee to drive into the farm and pick your own produce (literally), Gilcrease Farm/Orchard also has a “drive-thru” veggie stand.  In light of our lack of “get-up-and-go-ness” this past weekend, we opted to drive up to their veggie stand to check out what goodies they had for sale.  Another “bust”.  The veggie and fruit offerings were slim to none so we opted to purchase some of their wonderful apple cider, then headed over to the UNCE Orchard.

At the UNCE Orchard veggie and fruit stand, we were greeted by a small selection of onions, tomatillos, hatch peppers, plums and a few other odds and ends. Summer veggie season is definitely winding down.  We picked up some peppers, onions and a couple of tomatillos and on Sunday, we made some fresh homemade salsa.  This is our 2nd try at making salsa.  The first batch I made a few weeks back tasted very bland and was definitely missing something – we just couldn’t put our finger on it.  We wanted to make salsa and not pico de gallo, so I found an on-line recipe that people were raving about. I followed the directions exactly so either the people raving about the salsa have never had truly awesome salsa (growing up a Southern California gal, I was spoiled by the great selection of authentic salsas) or… I missed something with the recipe – which I am 150% certain I followed exactly. Hmmmmm.

With this 2nd batch, I tried something different.  We roasted the peppers (this time using both Hatch Peppers and Jalapeno Peppers), a small tomatillo, and some garlic.  Hubby was kind enough to do the “roasting” for me. After pulsing it in my food processor for a few minutes, to get the right consistency, hubby and I grabbed a chip anxiously awaiting the first taste. Better but it still needed something more.  I decided to throw in a secret ingredient I learned about from an online source, and after another whir of the processor, we grabbed another chip and tasted again.  Yup, that seemed to do the trick.  We’ll know for sure tomorrow after the salsa’s ingredients have had a chance to “meld” in the refrigerator overnight.

Hubby and I have a few small projects planned during the week, so perhaps we’ll have some updates later in the week.

Chat with you later 🙂

God Bless,

The Artistic Desert Gardener

“Gardening changes lives one tiny seed at a time”



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4 responses to “Slow Weekend

  1. we’ve been go go going for so long with getting unpacked etc…when we slow down it’s the same. really hard to start back up again. sounds like even though it was a slow weekend you had some fun.

    thanks as always for your sweet comment. so nice to know i’m not alone in my transition.

  2. Lois Zablockis

    What was the secret ingredient?

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