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Hi everyone!

Look’s like we finally had some beautiful weather today from what I could see from inside the house.  I stayed inside today enjoying the improved weather from within my future art studio.  Our front and back yards are still so muddy from all the rain we had all week and unless the new chic look is “muddy footprint” on our floors, I felt it was best to stay in.  What’s more, the loosely placed 12” x 12” cement pavers that roughly form a three feet by three feet surface we fondly refer to as the back door stoop, is insufficient to handle the mother lode of caked on muddy shoes. There’s a half round rubber mat on top of the pavers, but really?

Here’s a photo of our pitiful but hardworking “stoop”.


My fruit trees are lovin’ the extra moisture and really didn’t need me fussing around them today anyway.  Besides, our fruit trees were entertaining a few sweet yellow songbirds all afternoon – I didn’t want to intrude 😉

The amount of rain we had this week was highly unusual, but it did allow us the opportunity to confirm something.  We knew we had a slight property drainage issue at the back of the house and have had hints of it with a small amount of water build up after a brief rain. However, several days’ worth of on and off downpours really brought the issue to surface.  Yes, I definitely foresee another two projects in our future… re-grade the soil at the back of the house and install rain gutters. It’s okay, we wanted to do these projects anyway, especially since we plan to put in a small patio, a chicken coop, and winding paths and flower/veggie beds in this area.

Art Studio

I mentioned earlier that I was in my art studio.  Hubby and I made a decision to push aside the pool demo and kitchen work for another week, so I decided to work on my third project for the month of September… “Start a Painting” (meaning create art).  Well it donned on me, how could I start a painting if all of my art supplies are buried in boxes somewhere and my studio is in total disarray? Well, that all started to change yesterday evening.

I’ve been in a bit of a funk with my art for some time and not feeling too creative with all of our recent busy work and inaccessibility to my art supplies.  Then, a fellow artist’s blog I follow regularly inspired me to remedy my “art funk”.  She’s been blogging about a major move her and her family made a few months ago to a new state, and how she wanted her art studio completed so she could get back to creating. Then, after few months, she posted her “after” photos of her new art studio.  A small number of the photos she displayed were of herself in her new space with the happiest smile I’ve ever seen… a very content grin from ear to ear.  “Wow,” I thought, “I really need my art space”.  At that moment, I resolved to remedy my current art studio situation and make it a functional space (pretty will come later down the road).

Yesterday evening, I went into my studio space and got to work by moving a few things to clear a path so I could work.  Today, I was able to move things around just a bit and now have my small art table accessible  (can you believe I’ve had this small table for over 25 years). Awesome!  Here’s a few pics of my slightly improved space…

Ginger decided to help me set up a side table and lamp so we could work.  Having the windows bare when it was dark outside creeped me out a bit, so I propped up something in front of these two windows.  I also installed a couple of paper shades we had on hand on the other larger window.

It was so nice to pull out a few familiar “art studio trinkets” I’ve moved with me from place to place over the years.  I painted the two silly little watercolors years ago but I like to keep them out – they make me smile.

And here’s Max in my art studio.  He looks soooo happy laying on my art table.  When I turned on some soft soothing music, Max decided to thoroughly bathe himself then settled down onto a small towel I had on the table and napped there for several blissful hours.

My art studio is on its way to being “functional” and I’ll soon be able to create something 🙂

God Bless,

The Artistic Desert Gardener


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  1. Lois Zablockis

    Looks like Max and Ginger gave your room the seal of approval.

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