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Hi everyone!

I did a little more work on my art studio today.  While I was pulling fun and colorful things out of boxes I kept glancing over at an old taboret I’ve had for at least 20 years.  The piece is definitely showing its age with its yellowed beige color.  My taboret’s clean but dingy appearance kept drawing my attention away from what I was doing – it really bothered me.  “Was this piece befitting of a creative space, a place where I would be calling upon inspiration and artistic prowess?”  In its current state, it’s definitely a distraction.


Then as I walked to the other side of my studio to grab a few more boxes, another lackluster item caught my eye.  It had the same dingy yellowed beige color (probably the same material was used).  The item I’m referring to is my trusty-ole carousel organizer that traveled with me unblemished through five moves in the past 25 years.  It even survived our trek from California to Nevada.

Both of these “ole reliables”usually get settled into their new home right next to my art table and easel.  The heart and soul of my studio.  How uninspiring. Just looking at photos of these two items is sucking the imagination and creativity right out of me 😦

Okay, to be fair. When it comes to functionality and working parts, both pieces work just as well as the day I brought them into my studio.  They just need a “makeover”. Both are keepers and their “makeovers” will definitely go onto the project list.

After researching on the web a short spell this afternoon, I found a couple of paints  that might do the job.  I want the finish to be smooth and free of brushstrokes. One product I looked at was Krylon’s Fushion for Plastic and the other is made by RustOleum.  Has anyone had any experience with either of these products?  If yes, what did you think?

Pinny and Her Toys

Toy #3: Artie




This is Artie (short for Artichoke).  I know, another original name, but it actually helps us to remember the names when we call it for what it is, or close to it.  Artie is one of Pinny’s favorites, but she has a tendency to bring it into the bedroom, drop it on the floor to only have it bounce awkwardly to underneath the bed.  She’ll get busy doing something else then comes back, even days later – I tell you, she’s got a great memory, then she’ll be hunched over pawing underneath the bed whimpering to attempt to save Artie from the dark abyss.

When hubby finally rescues Artie Pinny is elated and ready for a round of toss.

On that note, everyone have a great weekend.

God Bless,

The Artistic Desert Gardener


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  1. Lois Zablockis

    Your items may be yellowed with age but I bet it would be difficult to replace their quality today. Looks like pinny likes Artie.

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