Art Studio – Let There Be Light

Hi everyone!

I finally have light in my art studio.  It was very hard to see in my creative space at night with only a small lamp set up, so hubby was kind enough to install an old ceiling fan we’ve been lugging around with us for some time now (and was currently taking up precious floor space).


After taking care to unwrap the contents within our moving box, I confirmed that everything was intact and ready to proceed with the install.  Hubby’s done a ton of ceiling fan and light installs over the years, so this project was a “no brainer”.  Upon closer inspection, not even a bead of sweat on his brow.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned during our transformation project it’s S-A-F-E-T-Y.  Both hubby and I have experienced our fair share of ouchies, bumps and bruises throughout the project.  Let’s see if I can recount a few memorable moments for you and the lessons learned…

1. I fell off a ladder while working in the living room.  I had just recently textured the walls so having the wall break my fall was perfect for a good arm scraping on the way down.  I banged up my shoulder (not the one that’s been hurting, the other one)  and twisted my leg a bit when I hit the hard slate floor. Lesson #1 – lose a few pounds so I can defy the laws of gravity a bit more Lesson #2 – make sure you take your time and watch your step down a ladder; Lesson #3 – be especially careful not to miss the last three steps.

2. Hubby lost his footing, fell backwards and landed on his “bum”, arm, etc. in one of the deep trenches the previous owner left for us in the back yard.  There was a good pile of dirt he was standing on, so his fall was quite dramatic.  Only a few bumps and bruises. Lesson #4 – be very careful when you walk by or work around a deep ditch.

3. My head had a upclose and personal experience with a hammer.  Big bruise and a huge lump later. Nuff said. Lesson #5 – wear a hard hat.

4. Countless splinters, bumps, scrapes, gouges, rips, nicks, pulls, cramps, pain, etc.Lesson #6 – wear gloves and other protective gear, even for the “it’ll only take 5 minutes” jobs.  Lesson #7 – Avoid working tired – get plenty of rest and take a few days (or weeks off) every now and then

Okay, enough of that.  I can go on for over an hour on this subject. Let me just say, hubby and I have learned a few lessons along the way and are a lot more cautious – like check to make sure the switch is turned off before monkeying around with electricial wires.  Actually, to be fair, hubby always takes extra care when he works around electricity, gas, etc. 

So after a quick check of the electrical wires and a little tightening here…

And, a little tightening there…

Voila! Light. Now I can see what I’m doing in here at night.  I no longer have to feel my way around in the dark tripping and bumping into things as I make my way to the small lamp across the room 🙂

Looks like Pinny wanted to help out.  She always seems to be standing in the perfect position in relation to the arrows on the cement floor.  Smart girlie. This arrow is pointing to my hubby, who is on the small step stool working on the ceiling fan.

While hubby was doing the install, Ginger’s curiosity got the best of her as she explored my art table.  She really seems to like my ole’ discolored carousel organizer.

Max joined in on the fun too, though he seemed to enjoy the A/C blowing on his back more than anything else.

It’s so sweet.  Whenever hubby and I are working on something around the house (unless it’s something dangerous and we seal off the area) our little furr-babies want to be close by to be in on the action. Curious little babes.  I am so grateful for the time I have to spend with my little ones and am so blessed that God has allowed us to care for his tiny creations and have them in our life. 

I’m also grateful for my hubby and his handyman skills.  Thank you sweetie for illuminating my creative space 🙂

I hope that each of you receive a huge dose of God’s blessing today 🙂

The Artistic Desert Gardener


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