Pinny and Her Toys #4

Hi everyone!  I’m trying to get into the groove of the weekend, so my post today is going to be short and sweet.  You may have noticed that I made a few slight changes to my blog page (i.e., photos).

Toy #4: Rope




Pinny absolutely loves “Rope”.  This is one of the toys we use to play tug with her (which is one of her favorite games).  We started playing this game with her when she was a very small pup.  At that age, we showed quite a bit of restraint and played extremely gentle with her taking care to not let her thrash her head about or jerk her neck – these movements can seriously hurt a small pup. 

When she was old enough, and we got the go ahead from her vet, it was all out play time.  Since her pup days, she’s gotten very strong and can just about yank your arm out of its socket (seriously).  Playing tug with her is a great way to keep your arms in shape.

On that note, it’s time to get going.  Have yourself a wonderful weekend.

God Bless,

The Artistic Desert Gardener



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4 responses to “Pinny and Her Toys #4

  1. Boopie

    So dang cute. …and I recognize that hand holding the rope. uh hu…yeeesss.

  2. Lois Zablockis

    Who tugs harder? You or pinny? I bet the answer is pinny.

    • Hi Lois,

      Well let me start off by saying that tugging with Pinny is actually a really great workout. I just switch hands to make sure I’m working out both arms. Pinny is pretty strong but I have to say that I do “let her win” most of the time (keep her confidence up).

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