Day 5 & 6: Eat Better

Oops, I got just a bit more behind in my writing.  Hubby and I went out-of-town for my niece’s wedding, and I’m struggling to catch up.  So rather than fret over it (which is counter productive and unhealthy), I’ve decided to combine days 5 and 6 and will get back on track with day 7 and 8 🙂  

My niece was absolutely stunning in her beautiful gown and her and her new hubby make a beautiful couple. Congratulations Candice and Wayne!

You Are What You Eat

Some folks feel that what you put into your mouth to eat has nothing to do with a creative life, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Remember the old adage, “you are what you eat”, well whoever came up with this was onto something.  I am a firm believer that what you take into your body has a significant influence on your creative processes and in the way you physically feel. Ultimately, the quality of your health and how you feel translates into the quality of your creative life.

My Own Personal Experience:

About 7 years ago, my husband and I embarked on a new way of eating and living; a direct result of several health issues I was experiencing at the time.  My doctor wanted to prescribe me a number of medications to “control” these issues , which by the way, I caused by how I was eating and taking care of myself. I absolutely refused to comply.  Taking medicines on a daily basis is something I’m totally against – this is one of those areas I’m just not willing to compromise on and will only take them when I absolutely have to.  In this situation, it was something I caused and I could undo.

In addition to my medical conditions and feeling generally horrible with extremely low levels of energy, I have to say it was also one of the lowest “creative” times in my life.  A couple of years prior, my hubby and I had made a huge change in our lives by moving to another state.  I was depressed and felt like I had left everything creative in my life back in California.  To overcompensate for my “perceived” loss, I formed some very destructive eating habits and did very little to seek God’s help at this time.  It was a low point for me that I was ready to turnaround!

After much research, I found a couple of great resources who helped me to turn my health, and my creative life around, 1) a super-knowledgeable health and fitness coach, and 2) a wonderful integrative medicine M.D.  Both were instrumental in me finding my way back.

Hubby and I started exercising and stretching regularly and completely changed our way of eating. We incorporated as much fresh organic foods as possible into our diets, added vitamin and mineral supplements to our daily regimen and cut out all processed foods as well as caffeinated and sugary drinks. Within just a few short months into our new program, the difference in our energy levels was phenomenal. My thinking was clearer and my creative spark returned even better than before.  When I returned to my doctor for a follow-up, she was shocked by the results and was able to confirm my health readings were well within the normal range; there was no longer a need for her to prescribe any medications to me.

Well, seven+ years later, a few of the old habits have made their way back into our lives and we’ve unconsciously allowed our transformation project to interfere with some of our health practices.  Exercise time has diminished, health tools have been inaccessible, etc. Staying healthy is a conscious effort.  Besides a few pounds creeping back into my life, one of the biggest negative impacts has been on my creativity. There has been a noticeable difference.  All is not lost though.  Many of the good habits and healthy way of thinking has “stuck” with us and view the process as an ongoing learning process. 

Many studies out there confirm what my hubby and I experienced in changing our eating and exercise habits. Eating healthy fresh foods can increase brain function and boost your health and energy levels (as I demonstrated to you above).  Feeling better and more energy = a creative boost.

Here was our Creative Life boosting eating plan:

  • Eat plenty of whole grain foods
  • Eat lots of fresh organic fruits and veggies
  • Eat foods rich in omega 3 (oily fish and nuts)
  • Eat natural/organic meat and chicken
  • Switched from cow dairy to goat dairy products (much easier to digest)
  • Eat foods rich in anti-oxidants (vitamin C, E and beta carotene)
  • Eliminated all processed foods and meats, sugary treats, sugar and caffeinated drinks
  • Eliminated all fast food
  • Reserved eating out at restaurants for special occasions only (i.e., 1-2 times per month)
  • Added vitamin and mineral supplements
  • Drank plenty of pure water (about 131 ounces daily)

The benefits:

  • Increase in creative function and thought
  • Increased mental sharpness
  • Resistance to illness and disease
  • Higher energy levels
  • Faster recuperation times
  • Well hydrated system (short-term memory improvement, better attention)

A big part of our eating plan included juicing fresh organic fruits and veggies.  The boost in energy was incredible. Benefits include:

  • Your body quickly absorbs nutrients (less to break down and digest)
  • Easy way to access beneficial enzymes, which converts food into body tissue and energy
  • Aids our digestive system by providing a “break”
  • Drink a variety of juices types to keep your system in balance

There is so much more I can say on this subject, but I think you get the idea here.

One last point.  Be sure to buy your fruits and veggies from local sources and eat what’s in season.  Purchasing from local sources allows you access to the freshest foods possible.  Some supermarkets keep their produce in cold storage for several weeks or months at a time, not to mention the chemicals and sprays they use to retard spoiling and ripening.

Be sure to check out local sources by you such as:  you-pick-it style farms or orchards, farmers markets where locally grown produce is available, CSA’s (community support agriculture), food co-ops, or better yet, growing your own.

This is our front yard orchard.

And, this is our backyard orchard.

Thank you for being understanding about my writing. Here’s to better health and a more creative life as a result!

Go to the next post in my series: Day 7: Reflection

God Bless,



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  1. Candice Todd

    So happy you guys were able to make it, it just wouldnt have been complete without you.

    Little trees are coming along arent they! 🙂

    Loves you.


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