Day 12: A Space of Your Own

What happens when you get really really sick and you have a blog?  You inevitably miss several days of blog writing that’s what happens.  Big apologies to everyone who’s been following and visiting my blog to read my 31 days of “A More Creative Life”. The “staged” photo below does anything but depict the true reality of my illness.  I thought I’d spare you all the messy details in the photo 😛

Friday, I was my usual perky self except I did find it highly unusual that I was feeling as fatigued as I was.  I was following my own blog’s advice and have been trying to get better sleep and even went to bed early on Thursday night.  Well, the reason for my extreme fatigue was quite apparent on Saturday. 

On Saturday morning, hubby took me to the movies to see the latest Hugh Jackman film – Real Steel.  I appreciate a range of movie types and do appreciate a good special effects movie, especially when it’s combined with a good story-line. Any who, by the time the movie was over and we were exiting the theatre, I had full-blown chills, body aches, sneezing and snuffles… all I could do was sit down just outside the theatre by the food court with my, dare I say, large soda in hand (not a good thing when you’re feeling sick).   After sitting for awhile, hubby and I decided to grab some lunch at a sit down restaurant thinking that getting some decent food into my system would help, but by the time we were done, I felt even worse.  From the restaurant we made a bee-line home where I quickly hopped into bed and slept most of the remaining day away.

Today is the first day I’ve felt well enough to get on the computer and do some writing.  I have a complete outline for my 31 days series that I really want to write about and share with you, so I’ll just need to be creative in my approach. Right now, with my energy-level still less than desirable, I’ll plan to forge ahead right where I’m at. I guess this is a great example… if taking care of yourself (i.e., better sleep, food, and moderate exercise) is low on your list of priorities, than how can your creative life flourish?  As I can attest… not well, not well at all.

Make Room for Creativity
Day 12 – A Space Of Your Own

Now we’re ready to walk down the creative life path a little further and make room for more creativity in our lives by putting aside a space you can call your own.

Do you have a space all your own where you can readily go to and mull over your next creative move? Or do you have an easily accessible place where you can physically create something?

The importance of such an area lies beyond the actual size of the space. Rather, it’s all in the simple fact that it must be functional, organized, accessible, and, well, yours.

I’m blessed to have my own creative space that’s moderately sized in an L-shaped room just off our multi-purpose room.  While we were repairing this space as part of our transformation project, I was able to reconfigure the layout to carve out a small piece to call my own.

Here’s a before photo…

During our handy repair work…

And current day…

My studio space is no where near being complete (cement floors, unpainted walls, boxes up to here, etc.), but it is one huge step closer to becoming “my space”.  Just recently, I’ve begun to clear a path to make a space where I can create sooner than later.

Limited Space

Some folks may have a dedicated room or studio that they can call their own and use as their “creative space”. For a good majority of people, they only have a limited amount of living space and carving out an entire room for themselves is simply out of the question. Even a good number of those who do have a room all their own have to use the space wisely for multiple functions (i.e., office, studio, library, etc.).  A creative space is an area (or multiple areas) where you can devote 100% to your creative thought, time and processes. 

For those with limited space, your creative process may require you to divide your creative space up into a few different areas by identifying multiple “mini” creative stations. Perhaps one space can be a comfy couch or chair where you can readily relax and reflect on a current creative activity, jot down creative ideas into a handy notebook, read a good book or beautiful magazine chock full of inspirational photos you can draw ideas from.

Maybe another space can be at your kitchen or dining room table or a folding/rolling craft table that you can easily access and setup when needed.  For community areas, like a kitchen or dining room table, it’s important that you have a place you can store your creative tools so they are easily accessible and easy to keep organized.  For instance:

Make “Creative Life” Containers

  • to hold your “creative tools” in for each area you designate as your creative space. Be sure to set these containers where they will be easily accessible and not be blocked by accumulating paperwork, furniture and such. One great idea I saw (wish I had a photo) – was a long rectangular coffee table with three “wood” boxes underneath with wheels. What an awesome place to store your creative tools!  Paint the boxes, write inspirational sayings on them, or leave them to match your coffee table so they blend with your decor (stealth creative!).  Either way, this is a great area to store your “creative stuff”, especially if the boxes are mobile. You can also use old suitcases stacked up in a corner, document boxes you’ve prettied up with paints, decoupage, or fabrics.  With the right tools and know-how, you can build a wood box that you can slide underneath a side table… the sky’s the limit.

Think vertically

  • Hang a pretty fabric note holder, painted cork board framed in a beautiful chippy vintage frame, or magnetic dry erase board (be sure to buy some awesome-ly beautiful magnets to go with); use your vertical space to display inspiration photos and magazine cutouts, your idea notes, fabrics, paint chips, note cards that make you smile or laugh, etc.
  • Purchase an old beat up armoire and repurpose it as your space including retrofitting it with a drop down surface you can use. Or use a storage cabinet you already own.  Make it yours!
  • Clear a couple of shelves in a bookcase and place your “creative containers” there. Use the wall area inside your shelf space to install a fabric note holder or cork board.  You will probably have to make something to fit in this custom sized area, but what an awesome way to use your creative talents.  Just not that handy? Find a pretty magnetic board and prop it up on your shelf for displaying your notes, inspirational photos and the like. 

Think mobile

  • there are several different types of movable units that you can store “creative tools” in as well as clever folding tables with wheels. Another great idea… repurpose a kitchen cart. It works great, especially when it has a shelf or two, a drawer and folding table top sides.  My cart is pretty utilitarian at this point, great, but boring.  I plan to paint this rolling “creative” wonder in the near future so it adds beauty to my creative space.

Bottom-line: don’t be discouraged if you have limited space to call your own.  Flex your creative muscles and think outside the box.  Your “creative life” depends on you carving out a space (or two or three) of your own.

Go to the next post in my series: Day 13: Make Your Space Inspirational

Many “creative” blessings,



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  1. mark

    Get well soon, love the blog. Stay warm.

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