Day 27 & 28: Things that Make Your Heart Sing

What inspires you and makes your heart burst out in song?  Something so wonderful to you that the moment you encounter it a spectacular glittery sparkler is ignited within you. A call to action that can be anything but ignored.

Inspiration is without judgement and the reason something catches your eye or pulls at you should never be analyzed. It should be savored, cherished and used in your creative life.

What makes you all aglow? For me, it’s…

Tasting and canning a yummy apple pie filling


Walking through a beautiful cottage garden filled
with an assortment of perennials and beneficials

Hiking over 11 miles (at a 3,500+ feet elevation gain)
 into the back country to a remote glacier…

Finding the perfect wallpaper or fabric print

Watching the sun go down at the end of a perfect day

What makes your heart sing? Whatever it is, be sure to include lots of it in your creative life!

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Hope your day is filled with many creative blessings!




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2 responses to “Day 27 & 28: Things that Make Your Heart Sing

  1. mark

    I’m very much enjoying your entries. Thanks for keeping it going.

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