Day 29 & 30: Inspiration From a New Angle

Many of us have become “comfortable” with our usual way of calling upon our sources of inspiration. Many times, we end up with the same results and same type of ideas.  What if you desire something unique and different? How do you take your creative thinking to new heights?  One way to do this is to step out beyond our creative routine and challenge our inspirational sources and creative thought process.

Below are just a few ways to turn up the creative fire on your inspiration sources…


A lot of us love to read and use magazines as a source of inspiration in both its text and photos. Go ahead, grab your usual arsenal of glossy page idea generators, but try something different.

Read several magazines that have absolutely nothing to do with your “creative interest” 


If home décor magazines are your thing, try looking through a few nature or science related
magazines.  Peruse through the pages seeking out colors, unusual shapes, positioning of objects, textures, etc.

Keep an open mind.  Creative inspiration can come from just about anywhere as long as we’re willing to look for it.


Inspiration Board

To do something unique and different we have to sometimes push beyond our limits.  When most of us think of an inspiration board, we think of including photos or clippings specifically related to our “creative interest”.  Similar projects others have done.  Or we may think of an inspiration board as something general and not project specific. Give this a try…

Put together a “project specific” inspiration board that
excludes any photos or clippings of your desired creative interest and/or project. 


a seamstress desires to create a new one-of-a-kind pillow design.  His/her inspiration board would not include any photos or clippings of past pillow projects or someone else’s completed pillow projects.  Pillow photos or clippings of any sort would be avoided.

Where do you go from here?  The type of inspiration board I’m  suggesting is one that would include objects, photos and/or clippings of textures, colors, shapes, lighted objects, etc.  You can also include words and sayings.  Just be sure to include things you are drawn to.  It can also be extremely helpful to give your board a name or title.

The best way to explain this type of inspiration board is to give you an example of the process.


A  person whose creative life includes hosting parties, wants to host a New Year’s Eve party that will “wow” their guests. They decide the party has to be unique and innovative, a fairy tale of sparkles and glitter and if nothing else, completely non-traditional.  After flipping through several magazines, they decide on a color scheme of pink and champagne.  The inspiration board name could be something like…

“Sparkling Pink Champagne”

With a basic list of things to consider for the party, such as food, decorations, table settings, flowers, etc. they begin their search for “inspiration” by perusing a number of non-related magazines and collecting a number of unrelated magazine clippings, photos, objects, shapes, textures and sparkling things in pink, champagne and other colors they are drawn to and finish by affixing the items to their inspiration board.

From there, the host/hostess can begin the process of formulating more solid ideas and designs based on their inspiration board visuals and the feeling that it stirs within them. After finalizing their plan, they seek out party decorations, food and beverage, table settings, etc. that evoke those feelings and reflect their exciting unique new ideas. Truly the making of a one-of-a-kind event!

This type of board will stretch your creative thinking and may feel odd at first, but I encourage you to “stick with it” and keep trying.  Ease into this type of inspiration board little by little until you feel comfortable.


Look at things differently

A simple technique that some artists use is to look at things
through a mirror to gain a new perspective 

This is also a helpful tool for fine artists when they want to check the perspective, composition, likeness, etc. on a painting they are creating. 

For those who are not fine artists, this technique can help give you a new fresh perspective on something you are looking at for the first time or the 100th time.  It can help you to single out texture, colors, and shapes giving you just enough “push” to your creative thinking and gain insight into a new source of inspiration. You just have to be open and willing to analyze the object (or inspiration source) from a new angle.

The technique:

Simply turn your back to the item you want to view, hold up a mirror at eye-level, then try to examine the item by looking at it in the mirror. 

I encourage you to challenge your creative limits every now and then by tossing aside your usual creative routine and doing something that is truly and uniquely you 🙂

Go to the next post in my series: Day 31: It’s Only The Beginning!

Many blessings,



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