Day 31: It’s Only the Beginning!

Wow, I just cannot believe that the 31st day of my series “31 Days to a more Creative Life” is upon us.  I hope that you found my series enjoyable and helpful as well as a real blessing in your creative life’s journey.  For me, I had a blast sharing my thoughts, insights, experiences and “creative wisdom”.

Thank you for following my blog posts and for leaving such thoughtful comments 🙂  I also wanted to thank you for your understanding of my “missed writing days”.  At the beginning of the month I became very ill and though I continue to battle with lingering complications, I am getting better.

Is this the end?  Absolutely not!  It’s only the beginning in our creative life’s journey.

As part of my journey, I have decided to accept my own “creative call to action” by challenging myself to an 18 month personal “creative life” transformation.  In this challenge, I will follow my own creative life advice by setting weekly creative challenges for myself, and for those who wish to join me.

In addition to writing about the transformation of my home and garden (a creative journey in and of itself), I will dedicate a few days each week to sharing my progress, artistic processes and projects, sources of inspiration and stories with you.

I invite and challenge you to follow along in making a more creative life for yourself.

Please note, I am taking a few days off and will resume my writing next Monday.

God Bless and have a wonderfully creative week!


Here’s all of my “series” posts in case you missed any.  You can also click on the “31 Days to a More Creative Life” button on the left side of my blog page anytime to access the links to my series’ posts.


Day 1: Let Go
Day 2: Define Your Creative Life
Day 3: Wake Up Sleepy Head
Day 4: Get Moving
Day 5 & 6: Eat Better
Day 7: Reflection
Day 8: sorry, no post
Day 9: sorry, no post
Day 10: sorry, no post
Day 11: sorry, no post
Day 12: A Space of Your Own
Day 13: Make Your Space Inspirational
Day 14: Clear the Clutter
Day 15: Freshen the Air
Day 16: Be Ready
Day 17: Share Creative Time with Others
Day 18: Reflection
Day 19: Exploring Your Creative Senses
Day 20: Sight
Day 21: Touch
Day 22: Sound
Day 23: Smell and Taste
Day 24: Creative Brainpower
Day 25 & 26: Reflection
Day 27 & 28: Things That Make Your Heart Sing
Day 29 & 30: Inspiration From a New Angle
Day 31: It’s Only The Beginning!


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