Glad to Be Back

Hi everyone. It’s been way too long since we last chatted and I’ve missed you.

Well, the holidays have definitely come and gone and my blog has been consistently absent of any updates, cute and creative stuff, or of anything else that resembles the comings and goings of a serious blogger.  Not even a peep.  I’m certain you’re wondering about my mysterious disappearing act.  I’ll give you a clue…

If being sick the better part of last October and November wasn’t enough for me, I got zapped again.

In December and January, I was making great progress catching up on things, attending tons of classes at a nearby orchard where hubby and I volunteer, pruning my fruit trees, planting six (6) new fruit trees and preparing for Spring as well as tending to some personal matters. Then February happened… bringing with it another nasty virus into our home taking out both my hubby and I this time.  Aches, pains, temperature, sneezing, stuffy nose – you know the drill. But this time around, the flu-bug was a bit more greedy and drained all of our energy requiring lots of bed rest and it decided to quickly settle into an infection in my lungs. Blah!  This resulted in difficulty breathing, several trips to the doctors, a heavy-duty dose of antibiotics – nearly zapping the life out of me.  It’s been over a month and I’m just now starting to feel a tad normal (except for a nagging cough and snot monster issues). Sheeesh, give a girl a break.  Hubby still doesn’t feel 100%. Needless to say, we’ve rededicated ourselves to healthy living and to building up our immune systems. B-Bye sodas.

Okay, enough with the icky stuff and on to more upbeat things like… it’s Spring!!!! My most favorite time of year. For me, it’s the time of year you can linger outside enjoying all the blooming flowers (in my case, the flowers on my fruit trees) and relish the cool breezes and clear blue skies.  Typically, I would include, “and take in a nice deep refreshing breath of air”, but even the thought of it makes me want to start coughing.  So for now, I’m pleased as punch to make brief visits outdoors tending to my fruit trees.

This morning I woke up to a wondrous sight.  Almost magical.  I let Pinny outside into the backyard and as she “zipped” by our flower covered Weeping Santa Rosa Plum tree, a dozen or so Painted Lady Butterflies took flight from the tree and scattered into the blue sky.

A few minutes later, as Pinny passed by the tree again to return to the house, she stopped dead in her tracks and pointed her nose straight up into the air.  The butterflies had returned as well and had caught her eye as they proceeded to flutter about just above her.  Pinny stood up on her hind legs, for a brief moment, as if they had invited her to participate in their lovely Spring-time dance, then quickly settled back down onto all four paws. She continued to watch the butterflies with a look of amazement at the spectacle taking place just inches away from her sensitive doggie nose. She even looked like she was smiling. Then as quickly as the magical moment had begun, the butterflies fluttered back up into the plum-tree to continue harvesting their pot of nectar gold.  Did I mention that I love Spring?

It’s good to be back and thank you for being so patient 🙂  Hope you’re enjoying Spring, too!

God Bless,



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4 responses to “Glad to Be Back

  1. Barbara Freeman

    April, I love the photos…they are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing the magnificent creations of the Almighty. So awesome and magical.

    Glad to hear you and hubby are doing better. Life seems to take us in so many different directions. I can’t believe it’s been almost five months since my Dad died, then the holidays and attending to my Mom while taking care of Paul.

    There is much to talk about, so I’ll have to give you a call soon. Keep the beautiful photos coming…they are such a blessing.

    • Hi Barbara… my dear ole’ friend. Sounds like you’ve had your hands full. I’m certain the passing of your dad brought with it some mixed feelings. I would love to chat and catch up and see how you are doing – glad my photos are a blessing to you!

  2. Brenda

    A sicky.. hope you debugged the house of flu germs..
    and feeling better soon…
    beautiful pics..

    • Hi Brenda – been trying to “debug” but it’s been challenging. I’m now into round two with this illness. I was feeling a bit better only to be slammed again (like 6 weeks wasn’t enough). Anywho… I’m glad you liked the pics 🙂

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