Every Breath is a Blessing

Hi friends!  It’s been way too long since I last chatted and shared beautiful things with you via the wonderful world of blog-land.  I realize I just sort of vanished into thin air… “poof”.  I apologize for that and for the time we’ve missed together. Abandoning my blog in the midst of such a beautiful time of year, Spring, was the last thing I wanted to do.  Alas… it was exactly what I did.

Now to answer the question that I’m sure is on your minds… “where the heck were you?” 

In my last post, I mentioned that I was struggling with some health challenges.  Well, to make a long story short, things went from bad to worse and these past few months, I’ve had to fight to get back any level of normalcy in my life.  I know that there are brave souls out there who are going through much worse health issues and may even be struggling for their lives (may God protect and bless those of you in this situation), but for me, this, by far, has been the most unsettling health experience I’ve had in my life.  Sure, I’ve had viruses in the past that went from virus to infection, and even a few surgeries under my belt, but what I recently experienced was life changing.  I sit here thankful for each and every breath I take.

On February 17th, what started out as concerning asthmatic symptoms, quickly morphed into a very nasty virus bug which morphed into a bunch of other stuff.  Over the past several months, I’ve…

  • lost 30 pounds
  • seen enough doctors and specialists to take care of a small country
  • feels like I paid enough to send one of those specialist’s kids through college
  • had a multitude of tests, scopes and x-rays performed on me, enough to illuminate me until Christmas
  • taken enough medication to choke a field of horses (I’m not one to take medications or call them “meds”… hate that)
  • had severe allergic reactions to the antibiotics / medications I was taking which sent me to the Emergency/Hospital and then another antibiotic that caused me to be covered head to toe with a severe case of painful itchy hives – all left me gasping to take in a breath
  • had conflicting diagnosis (asthma – not asthma; vocal cord dysfunction (vcd) – not vcd)
  • had my nose closed up tight as a drum for over two months which resulted in a severe sinus infection
  • had a number of other infections throughout my body, etc.

How am I today?

Well, after experiencing a deep level of disappointment for conventional medicine, hubby and I “sucked it up” and shelled out funds to see a medical physician who practices integrative medicine.  I’ve seen him off and on over the past 5 years and he’s always come through.  He’s just a bit on the pricey side and doesn’t take insurance.

He’s certain that what’s been causing my breathing issues is a result of severe gastrointestinal inflammation that is pushing up into my diaphragm.  Just after 1 month of being on a few homeopathic elixirs, fiber, cleansing program and a limited diet (oh, how I miss bread), I’ve made more progress than I did with all the other doctors put together (every medication made me worse). 

I would say that I’m about 85% back to my old self and in the past couple of weeks, I’ve been well enough and strong enough to venture out of my home to do some grocery shopping on my own.  Sheesh.  Just sounds surreal, but it’s been my reality.  I go back to my doctor this Wednesday, and I’m hoping that he will put me on an easy regimen to begin regaining my strength.

A Bittersweet Goodbye

During the first month of my recent health challenges, not only was I struggling to take care of myself, but I was also taking care of my little Himalayan boy, Max.  Last April, he was diagnosed with a kidney abnormality that was causing him to experience life-threatening bouts of anemia and fluid build-up within his abdomen. I had to administer medication to him daily to avoid these complications and at the time I got sick, he took a turn for the worse.  It was just so sudden.  Though I was really struggling to take care of myself, I loved on him every second of every day trying to nurse him back to health.  The stress of it all probably took its toll on me, but I did everything a “mommy” could do for their precious little furry one. 

Max passed away the morning after my visit to the Emergency/Hospital. I was relieved his suffering was over, but was so sad that we lost him at such a young age. We had so many more years of love to give him.  He was 5 years 8 months old.

In the next couple of days, I want to honor the memory of my little “baby face” Max by sharing some photos with you that I had taken of him in January/February. Hubby and I had been volunteering at the Orchard and I brought home some almond branches to force bloom indoors.  Well, Max took an instant liking to them and I was able to capture several beautiful snapshots of him and his branches 🙂

Hope your day is filled with God’s blessings.



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3 responses to “Every Breath is a Blessing

  1. Hello April!
    So sorry about your kitty. Glad to hear you are on the mend, but what a struggle. Reminds me to be thankful for good health. I need to lose weight and the bread thing. Love bread. God bless your health. Amen.

    • Thank you for your kind words and prayer, Mark. I’m so glad to hear from you. I do have to say that all this “stuff” has helped me to put things into perspective and I’ve had to make some radical changes. God truly works in mysterious ways. He sure got my attention!

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