In Loving Memory

July 7, 2006 ~ March 25, 2012

A Few Special Memories of Max…

  • In his soft-spoken voice, he used to scrunch up his nose as if to force a meow out
  • Rather than smell things with his nose, he chose to lick to see what they were
  • When he washed his face, about half-way through, he’d glance up at us looking like a mad professor with hair sticking out every which way
  • If offered a treat, he would sit on command.  When I first taught him this trick, he was just a little guy.  He was adorable… he looked like he was bowing
  • “Birdie”, a set of stiff bird feathers secured together, was his favorite toy.  He’d carry it around in his mouth at night-time, meowing in a frantic high-pitch tone
  • A favorite past-time of his was to bite and chew on things.  Pinny, our Border Collie, would hear the chomping, know it was him and race over to scold him with a sharp bark.  It was never effective… he just kept chewing away
  • He used to curl his back toes when he stretched
  • One day in our garden, we had about 25-30 doves feasting under one of our bird feeders.  Max snuck out the door when I propped it open and bolted straight for the birds.  The birds frantically flapped their wings and flew up into the air in unison.  Max following right behind them leaping into the air (doing what we called a “jiggedy-jig) not knowing what he was doing or why.  He didn’t catch a single bird, but he was definitely the happiest cat I’d ever seen.

I could go on and on with sweet memories of my baby boy, but the reality remains that he is gone from our lives but never far from our hearts. 

A pictorial tribute to Max…


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  1. lois zablockis

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful memories,

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