Hope In Today

Hi friends!

Things are starting to dry up here in Southern Nevada (huh?)…  from all the rain, silly.  For the past few weeks, we’ve had lots of “soak the ground thoroughly until it’s a slushy mucky mess” type of rain accompanied by loud menacing thunder and bright flashes of lightning (Pinny, my border collie, can attest to that – she HATES it).  Poor girlie… she’s been on high alert every time it rains, which has been more “on” than “off” throughout the weeks.  Every time a blinding flash of light fills the sky, you can almost see Pinny counting anticipating the inevitable scary thunder rumble. When the thunder finally announces itself, Pinny, all 25+ pounds of her, gets as close to you as possible.  This would include, in your face, on your chest (if sleeping), curled up beside you on the couch in a space no bigger than just a few inches wide.  Well, you get the picture. All we can do to ease her fear is turn on some soothing country western music (yup, she’s a ‘cow’ gal) and rub deeply behind her beautiful tense black ears. 

Today is nice and sunny, and in contrast, Pinny’s all curled up on her fluffy green and white quilt her grandma gave her alongside Ginger, my 6-year-old Himalayan, who’s made a wonderfully soft bed out of the top of my feather and down stuffed floral chair.  I tried to snap a photo of them resting in cute positions, but of course, the moment I turned on the camera Pinny opened her eyes and sprung to action (border collie-style), disrupting the peace for everyone.

One great thing about the recent and frequent rain (okay… enough already with the rain), is I’ve been able to skip several days of watering my orchard saving tons of water, which is always a good thing here in the desert.  We do our absolute best to conserve our water and the rain is a good way to do this.

Now that things are getting back to some level of normalcy, I’ve been able to reflect on this past year and the “big changes and life events” hubby and I have experienced.  Wow!  Makes me very thankful for what we have, for family and friends, and I appreciate God’s blessings in our life, no matter how BIG (like still having my hubby to hug and walk beside, especially after his heart attack) or how small (bees).  Right now, God’s path for our life is filled with using the creativity and ingenuity He’s so carefully fostered in us over the years.  Important skills required of “forward thinking” folks with big dreams and minimal resources.  It’s a life of letting go of the things we think we can control like money, jobs, health and embracing His hope in our life. Here’s to sweet simplicity and the power of prayer.

Things I’m Looking Forward to…

More of this, and…

…less of this
(Bird damage)

~ * ~

Plenty of these…

…to Fill Up This


Tons of this…

…Growing Here, and…

… being laid Here


Snuggling with a new baby boy kitty
(sorry, no pics yet!)


Enjoying several more years with my sweet Hubby…

– Camping and hiking
– Tending to our garden together
– Building Cool Stuff for our garden and home
– Playing X-Box games (yes, it’s a blast!)
– Making our house a home
– Sitting down to a quiet meal out
– Celebrating life together and so much more


And, having the courage to create something beautiful Here

Before I shut down for the evening, I wanted to point out a few additions to my blog’s sidebars.  I’ve added a few bits of helpful information for you to peruse as needed.  These additions are:

  • What’s ready in the Orchard Now?  This list will change with each month, as my fruit ripen on the tree and should be a helpful guide in your own fruit orchard – or just follow along for fun.
  • What’s Growing in the Garden Today?  As the rest of my garden is installed, I will be sure to update this list with the goodies I’m growing for each season.
  • Garden Tasks – I will provide a list of important garden tasks as a reminder (or inspiration) for your own garden
  • Bees & Honey – This is where you can quickly connect to my bee activity, stories, honey extraction and, of course photos!
  • … and later, I will add a place for my chicken updates. Something to look forward to.

Til we chat again!

God Bless,



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  1. Jim & Paula Poe

    Loved the update, it definitely sounds more upbe

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