Backyard Orchard Update

Hi friends!

As I was walking around my orchard this morning checking in on things, I thought it would be a good idea to give you a visual update on how everything is “growin’ “!  For fun, I threw in three “timeline” photos showing you the hideous before, when our orchard was planted and current day 🙂  Enjoy.

The before…

We planted the bulk of our trees in February 2011

and… current day


Backyard Orchard Tree List

  1. Santa Rosa Plum
  2. Flavor Delight Aprium® (apricot)
  3. Artic Star White Nectarine
  4. Donut (Stark Saturn) White Peach
  5. Mini Royal Cherry – standard tree
  6. Royal Lee Cherry – standard tree
  7. Flavor Queen Pluot
  8. Flavor King Pluot
  9. Blenheim Apricot
  10. Multi-Peach
  11. Mini Royal Cherry
  12. Royal Lee Cherry
  13. Meyer Lemon
  14. Mandarin (Clementine) Tangerine
  15. Eversweet Pomegranate
  16. Wonderful Pomegranate


With everything that’s been going on here lately, our goal of installing an automatic flood irrigation system has been delayed.  In the meantime, to make our watering process in the backyard orchard go more smoothly, hubby installed a simple and inexpensive “Y” adapter at the hose spigot. 

Now I can use two hoses to do my watering in the backyard orchard. 

 Using a very inexpensive and simple tool to determine when to move the hoses to the next tree…

I know, it’s a very simplistic and a little labor intensive process, but it works and my trees are very happy for the one-on-one time with me.  It makes me happy too because it gets me outside and gives me an opportunity to check on each and every tree.  A labor of love 🙂


Earlier this year, we planted a few more trees. Our cherries, meyer lemon and manadarin tangerine (I think most of you would know them as “Cutie’s”, like the ones you buy in the store). 

We also replaced our Eversweet pomegranate, which by the way is doing absolutely great!  In fact, just yesterday I noticed that it has a beautiful orange/red flower on it.  Can someone say, “Yummy… a Pomegranate” ?  We’ll have to wait and see.

What’s Coming Up?

Well, in addition to a few new trees and some berries (huh?) in our backyard orchard, we will be replacing two trees that are struggling… our Multi-peach and our Blenheim Apricot.  The Multi-peach has been a challenge from the beginning – not a very good specimen and our Blenheim, well… this is where we’ve been battling the monster weed and as a result, had a negative impact on the tree.  Also, early on, this tree showed signs of severe stress after planting (sap oozing from the trunk in multiple places), so we decided it’s time to replace.

I will reveal our replacements, new trees and berries soon.

So for now, thank you for stopping by to get caught up on our backyard orchard and I’ll chat with you soon.

God Bless,


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One response to “Backyard Orchard Update

  1. lois

    Trees have grown alot. Looks good

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