Front Orchard Update

Hi friends!

Hope you’re all doing well.  I had to post the photo (above) of Pinny… she’s such a happy girlie when she’s workin’ in the garden.  Right now, her work outside consists of…

  • “Get the Birdies” – bark at and chase birds on the property
    Pinny’s interpretation includes anything that flaps it’s wings (song birds, hummingbirds, etc.) and lands on the ground, in a tree or flies over the property
  • “Get the Squirrelies” – run as fast as you can, chase, bark at, and scan the top of the block walls that surround the property for these varmints – generally, get really excited and run around like a crazed dog until you spot one of these little shifty buggers
  • “Get the Ball” – a medium-sized blue ball she loves to gnaw at, push around with her nose or drop next to you while you’re working
  • “Lay in a nice shady spot with Ball”

In the future, her job description will also include… “Protect the Chickens” and “Stay far away from the bees” 😉

Now for my update.  Here are three timeline photos showing the before and after of the front orchard…

Our trees were planted in February 2011 and Pinny seemed to be sitting in almost the same way in this photo and the next… hmmmmm.

Current day… still a bunch of rocks, but at least our trees are happy!

Front Yard Orchard Tree List

  1. Pink Lady Apple
  2. Pink Lady Apple
  3. Golden Dorsett Apple
  4. Chojuro Asian Pear
  5. Hosui Asian Pear
  6. Black Mission Fig
  7. All-in-One Almond


No changes here!  We’ve just been going around checking the lines to make sure everything is in working order and everybody’s getting water.


All of our trees in the front orchard are doing great, way beyond our expectations.  One tree has been giving us some level of challenge, but in a good way.  It’s our Black Mission Fig.  The tree L-O-V-E-S its location and seems to be shouting it out to us by its phenomenal growth.  I’ve already summer pruned it once this season, but it is definitely ready for another trim… and soon. I am going to hold out as long as I can because all of the new branches are loaded with fruit!


Earlier this week, I was able to save one piece of ripe fruit from the birds!
It was quite yummy 🙂

As for the rest of my fruit trees, my Asian pears are growing like crazy.  Hopefully we’ll have fruit next season, but the pollinator (the smaller of the two trees) needs to bloom next Spring.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

My Golden Dorsett apple was covered with fruit this year.  We tried to salvage what we could, but they turned out to be inedible (picked too soon in an attempt to save the fruit from the birds – my timing was off).  Next year!

Ah, our Pink Lady Apples.  Out of the two trees, the smaller tree actually has several apples on it and should be ready to harvest sometime mid-October.  For whatever reason, our other tree had no flowers this past Spring (so no fruit), but we’re hopeful she’ll come around in her third growing season next spring.

What’s Coming Up?

The front orchard will remain unchanged for the coming season.  Well, perhaps we’ll get to moving some of the rocks around in the front and move a few to the back orchard.  We plan to recycle the rock and build a few rock walls and line pathways with some of the smaller rocks. 

Well, it’s time to shut-er’ down.  Hope you have a great day!

God Bless,



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4 responses to “Front Orchard Update

  1. Dannette Corirossi

    WOW! What a journey it’s been. I miss getting the personal updates, but this is a wonderful way to see the progress.

  2. Paula

    Gorgeous pictures. Looks like you guys have this pretty figured out, what a fabulous project you’ve created. I love getting the updates. Xoxo

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