Our New Addition

Hi friends!

Well, some time has passed since my last post.  As most of you know, I’m still working through health issues and this past month I’ve gone through a series of medical tests/procedures.  It really takes a lot of out of you when you’re feeling under par.  So far the tests are coming back normal, but more to come I’m sure.

Even though I’ve had a rough time of it lately, hubby and I decided we needed a little more joy and fun in our lives. It’s been about 6 months since our sweet Max passed away and we decided it was time to fill the empty space in our hearts.  With everything going on right now and the time required to care for our homestead, we settled on a breed that requires a lot less grooming and ongoing maintenance.  We decided to adopt a Ragdoll kitten.  Hubby did the research and found a reputable and reasonably priced breeder in San Diego, California.  Before we knew it, our future was set to have another sweet little one pawing at our feet.

After making all the necessary arrangements, on September 9th, we filled our car with kitten supplies, food necessities and my assortment of health elixirs and such and headed south to San Diego. We also brought our girlie, Pinny along.  The trip was a success.

As part of the arrangements we made with the breeder, we knew we would be presented with at least two boy kittens to choose from.  On our arrival, we were presented with three boy kittens.  Apparently, the people who were to arrive before us were no shows.  A big positive for us.  At first, we were overwhelmed with making a decision between the three adorably sweet kittens, but soon into our visit the choice was clear.  Our future baby boy chose us. While the other two kittens were busy exploring the couch where we sat, our soon to be baby boy kitty was quick to interact with the fun feather toy I brought along.  To seal the deal, he pulled out all the stops by supplying generous amounts of precious “kitty kisses” right on my nose.  Awwwwwwww.  Who could resist. 

Once everything was finalized, we quickly packed our new bundle of joy into the small black soft carrier we brought along.  Our hope was that the soft fuzzy bed inside and the two “baby friendly” toys we placed inside the carrier would help to soothe and settle our new little guy on our trip home.  We were expecting the worst.  We were expecting separation crys all the way home.  To our amazement, our new baby kitty was the most content happy little guy I’ve every seen.  He quickly and quietly settled into his carrier sleeping and playing all the way. Every time he started to nod off he’d meow these sweet little meows that would soon fade and become barely audible as he went off to sleepy land.  He was an absolute angel.

He made himself at home almost immediately and befriended Pinny.  Though Pinny gets a little annoyed with him when she’s trying to sleep and he’s attacking her tail or giving her the boot off the bed, Pinny is doing very well with him.  Ginger, my 6-year old Himalayan is struggling a bit.  She really doesn’t appreciate his kitten antics, but when he’s quiet she does just fine, even eats and drinks with him.  I’m certain once he settles down a bit they’ll be the best of buddies.  It’s just going to take some time and patience.

Blue Bi-color Ragdoll
he’s now 16 weeks old

God Bless!



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6 responses to “Our New Addition

  1. Oh.. Jaspurr is so cute… has a really sweet face… it is amazing how quick they grow…..

  2. lois

    Jaspurr has grown alot. Very cute.

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