Orchard Sleepy Time


Hi Friends!

It’s always nice (and deeply appreciated) when you stop by to catch-up and see what’s happening on the Asher homestead .  How are things in your neck of the woods?  I hope this holiday season promises to bring you and your family lots of laughter, peace, and intimate conversation with those close to you 🙂

As expected this time of year, it’s getting very sleepy and quiet in the orchard.  Winters are fairly short here and so far it’s been warmer than usual.  We’ll have to see what the end of December and the month of January brings us.  With that in mind, our trees should be on schedule to sleep during the end of December through February, and wake up from their slumber sometime the end of February/early March (if the weather remains warm, it will probably be the end of February).



In the next few weeks, hubby and I will be preparing for the orchard’s dormancy time and awakening in February by doing some clean-up tasks. With all the rains the past few months, it comes as no surprise that our property is covered in weeds.  We’re usually pretty good keeping on top of the weeds, but because of our lack of attention these past few months, they’re having a field day!  We never spray weed killer, pesticides or other chemicals in or around the orchard, so it’s called “hand picking time”!  Fun 😦

Earlier this year, we purchased a truckload of recycled wood mulch with the intention of laying down a 4 to 6 inch carpet of the mulch throughout the orchard.  Mulch helps to keep the weeds down.  It also helps to … conserve water, provides a great food source for the trees when the material decomposes, and provides much-needed shade/cooling for the tree’s roots.  Our plans were delayed due to everything happening this past year.  Good thing is… we’ve got the mulch for when we’re ready to get started.

Here’s the plan…

  1. Rent a trencher so we can trench for our irrigation system for the front and back orchard (I’ll share plans for this with you in a future post).
  2. Install our irrigation system
  3. Enlarge the water basins for the fruit trees (they’re gettin’ big)
  4. Lay out a nice thick (again, 4 to 6 inches) carpet of recycled wood mulch *
  5. Then, voila!  nix the hose watering in the back orchard and toss out the temporary “above ground” pvc watering system in the front orchard

You may be asking, “what is recycled wood mulch anyway?”.  It’s ground up trees from a local tree pruning service.  This wood mulch does not contain: thorns (from trees like Mesquite or Palo Verde trees) or palm trees (very slow to break down).  Most companies do not charge for the mulch but may charge a nominal delivery fee.  It’s a great way to use local sources!



Be sure to check my blog for other important garden tasks for the month of December.

On another note… guess who discovered how to get up on the kitchen sink.  Doesn’t take them long. 

Jaspurr in the Sink

It’s been very interesting having a “plastic utility sink” as our kitchen sink for the past few years.  The kitchen was in such disrepair when we bought the place, it’s been an interesting (and slow) process fixin’ it up.  By the end of January, we should have the “kitchen sink” wall complete with installed cabinets, countertop, and yes… a real sink.  We’ve been trying to get our sink for the past couple of months.  Two sinks have been delivered, but both were cracked and unusable.  Our living room is currently the kitchen sink graveyard.  I’ll share more with you on this project soon.

Again, thanks for stopping by. God Bless!




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4 responses to “Orchard Sleepy Time

  1. lois

    Forgot to ask how old your kitty is now? I hear that ragdolls are very friendly. Do you find that to be true? He is sure a cutie. Need to post pictures with Pnney ,Jaspurr and Ginger together.

  2. lois

    Will the mulch help control the weeds? Does it help to retain the ground water? Your little kitty is adventerous. First the sink next……?

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