A Refreshing Day

Sketch_PumpkinsFlowers_Final“Pumpkins & Flowers”

Another week has past and we are well into the fall season with its characteristic blustery days and the start of crunchy amber kissed leaves. I was so inspired by the refreshing coolness these new fall days have brought to us here in the sizzling hot desert that I decided to pull out my assortment of drawing pencils and my trusty sketch pad.  Mind you, with everything going on here at our homestead these past few years, both in the garden and personally, its been some time since I sat and visited with my beloved old friend.

As rusty as I am at drawing, I pushed through the doubt and frustration of it all until I began to lose myself to the moment.  To me, this moment is a “creative zone” a person enters into after a few minutes of working with their chosen project.  A moment when the day’s events have been brushed aside, surroundings have been tuned out and everything begins to flow and come together effortlessly.  It’s quite a euphoric feeling when this happens.  When you finally come up for air, set your tools down and allow the things around you to come back into focus, you can feel quite refreshed.  It’s a great stress reducer that everyone should try.  A challenge for you:  immerse yourself in something you love doing 🙂

A little about my creative process.  For me, working at my craft involves multitasking. To help evoke emotion in my work, I love to conjure up images in my mind that allows me to tap into my senses while I draw/paint… sight, smell, touch, sound and taste.  Each arouses an emotional response within me that helps to inspire.  While drawing “Pumpkins & Flowers” I focused my thoughts on fall and what it means to me.

Fall has a definite feeling to it.  It’s in the air.  Fall’s gusty whirling breezes sweep away the heat of summer and bring with it a brisk coolness and rustling of freshly dried leaves. Sweeping across the tops of dry field grasses causing a ripple effect of glittering amber hypnotizing those who intently watch its gentle back and forth gestures.  Along with it brings a refreshing renewal for heat-burdened plants encouraging new growth and vigor.

With every gust blows in a myriad of alluring scents and flavors from nearby kitchens like gingered spices and crisp, sweet-tart apple smothered in honey-colored gooey caramel generously dusted with crunchy roasted almonds.  A compliment to fall’s sweetness is a lingering scent of freshly baked breads and deep savory notes of a heart warming beefy stew loaded with fresh picked root veggies and pumpkin with an added splash of red wine. Yum.  Top it all off with the perfect no-fuss centerpiece of freshly picked orange, rust and gold shaded flowers spilling over the sides of a beautifully weathered metal garden bucket.

A perfect setting for a gathering of family and friends and an open heart of thankfulness and gratitude.

In addition to tapping into my mind’s eye, I focus my thoughts on my stroke/brush work. It also involves really seeing my subject, its shapes and contours, colors, shadows, relationships to other objects,  etc.  It’s a very involved process that comes together with time and practice.

So now that I’ve shared with you the “artistic” side of Artistic Gardener, let’s move onto my other passion… my garden and orchard.  To keep things simple today, I’ll share photos and a little highlight about each.

091913_AsianPearsJust harvested these beauties last week from our Hosui Asian Pear tree and they are wonderfully crisp, juicy and sweet.  There were 19 pears total weighing in at 3 lbs 13 ounces.

092613_Basil2 092613_BasilI decided to let most of my basil plants (10 plants total) go to flower so I could attract more bees to my garden.  It’s definitely doing the trick 🙂

092613_PinkLadyApple3 092613_PinkLadyApple2 092613_PinkLadyApple1My Pink Lady Apples are coming in very nicely.  If you’re wondering what the odd covering is on some of my apples, it’s nylon socks coated with kaolin clay.  I placed this little socks on my tiny fruit earlier this year to help prevent sunburn damage.  The apples have to stay on the tree from May until October, so they are subjected to summer heat and sun and need a little help.  I should be able to harvest the fruit in mid-October.

092613_BlackMissionFigMy Black Mission Fig is starting to get new fruit on it.  Now it will be a race to see if they can ripen before the cold weather really comes in.  If it turns cold, the promising fruit will turn rock hard and will not ripen.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I have heard that if cold weather is coming and the fruit is far enough along, you can remove most of the leaves (forcing the tree into dormancy) and it will hasten the ripening process.  I might give this a try.



My Wonderful Pomegranate and Eversweet Pomegranate are just about ready for harvesting and have very nice red color. Pom juice here we come! The bees are loving the shade from the branches.

Well, I’ll let you get back to what you were doing and I’m going to head out to the garden to check in on my veggie beds.

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4 responses to “A Refreshing Day

  1. Dannette Corirossi

    WOW! The gardens have come so far…only wish we could be there to see the “fruits of you labor”.

  2. lois

    The drawing is beautiful. You have a lot of talent. Both you and your husbands love of gardening show in your beautiful yard.

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