Flavor Delight Aprium

021214_Bee2I know, some of you are saying, “Cute… really?”  Well, bees truly are cute.  Just look at that sweet little face in the photo.  How can that be anything but cute?  Especially knowing that behind all the buzzing, flybys and pollen collectin’ in a single day is a simple miracle.  One of God’s divine plans.  Pollination. Which ultimately leads to… sweet, lip smacking juicy FRUIT!  There’s only one word for all this sticky goodness… Scrumpdelilicious. 

To think that in about mid-May we’ll begin harvesting the first of our Flavor Delight Aprium fruit ~ our first fruit tree to come into harvest.  Yes, it happens that fast!  Just a few weeks ago our trees were waking up from their winter nap, then seemed to suddenly burst into color puffs of flowers like a dry corn kernel bursting open into a puffy piece of popcorn, and now this…

Mar2014_ThinFruit13BAM! Fruitlets galore.

I have to say that I am smitten by the whole “cycle of life” thing our trees so eloquently illustrate in our home orchard.  And just when things appear to calm down and the honey bees focus their attention elsewhere, our Aprium will begin to glow with the color of sunshine.  Deep rich golden goodness. The scent in the air will shift from a floral scent to a glorious apricot sweetness attracting all who wish to sample its promise of taste bud delight.


With all this amazing insight and visual proof of divine order, I’m unable to get past the thought that there are people out there who feel the cycle of life is happenstance.   A spin of the wheel so to speak.  How can such a beautifully orchestrated process come from something other than heavenly?  Simple answer… it’s all part of God’s plan and is absolutely lovely if you ask me 🙂  So grab yourself a piece of fresh-picked sun-warmed fruit, sit back, sink your teeth into all its sweet promise and take comfort in today’s joy and blessings.


Have an awesomely sticky sweet day 🙂

God Bless!




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3 responses to “Flavor Delight Aprium

  1. Hi Asher,

    Thank you for your updates!

    What a beautiful article with the touched pictures!

    I can feel your passion, your joy, your happiness from the nature. I can hear that you started to sing, not only for the Flavor Delight Aprium, but the spring, the nature and your beautiful, peaceful soul…

    I am going to have Flavor Delight Aprium next February ( it is too late to plant it this year, I think).

    Yes, when I have great harvest, I will preserve some of fruits, by canning, dehydrating, or candied…

    I started my backyard poulry two years ago. And now there are still 22 hens, 1 cock, 6 muscovy ducks. They live in a chicken house with a poulry aviary surrounding with several oak trees and cedar trees. I will take some photos of my frontyard orchard, and also send you some pictures of my chicken and ducks.

    If you have any questions about raising ducks, please feel free to ask.

    Is there your email address on your blog?

    Enjoy Spring Time!


    • Hi Lily,
      Thank you for such kind words. Nature does bring me great joy and has been doing so since I was about wee high (as I hold my hand about 3 feet off the ground). In addition to being in and watching nature, I love to “capture” its beauty through photography (as you’ve seen) and also by oil painting en plein air (in the open air). I haven’t shared much of my paintings on my blog, only a few sketches.

      Great decision to get a Flavor Delight Aprium. The fruit is so wonderful! Even better than an apricot and because it’s an early fruit (mid/late May), it has few issues (if any) with pests and disease. And the flavor… mmmmmm.

      Love that you are a “preserver” of food!

      Yes, please send along photos and thank you for the offer re: raising ducks. I’m sure I’ll be picking your brain soon. You can reach me at artisticgardener@cox.net.
      Thank you again 🙂
      ~ April

  2. Lois

    A beautiful way to start the day. Very nice.

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