Fruit Tree Series

Dorsett Golden AppleHi dear friends!  Now that the universe has pounded in the fact that 2015 is well underway a-n-d I’m finally able to pull myself away from the busy tasks of preparing my orchard for the upcoming fruit season ~ especially since the warmer weather has accelerated growth to the nth degree ~ I’ve got some good news for you. Later this week, I will be posting the first in a series of blog posts that will be dedicated to helping all of you budding home orchardists out there. Particularly for those of you who live in hot and dry areas like Las Vegas, Nevada. Yup, it’s my… wait for it… Fruit Tree series. I know, pretty clever name. Just tryin’ to keep it simple.

This series is also for those of you whose interests lie beyond simply growing a fruit tree for the sake of growing a fruit tree. It’s for those of you who want to grow fruit trees with a higher than normal potential for producing nutritionally superior fruit for maximum health benefits 🙂 Yes… I’ll be sharing my high brix/nutrient dense fruit tree growing techniques with you.

Santa Rosa Plums

In this series, I plan to share with you the steps on how to grow and maintain a home fruit orchard organically and holistically right in your own backyard (or as in my case, this also includes my front yard). I’ll share things like…

  • How to Dig and Prepare a Hole
  • What To Do When Your Bare Root Tree Arrives
  • How to Plant a Fruit Tree In The Desert
  • Soil Testing
  • Soil Amendments For Nutrient Dense Fruit
  • New Fruit Tree ~ 1st Year Maintenance Care
  • Irrigation
  • Holistic Foliar Spray
  • Brix Testing
  • How to Keep an Orchard Journal
  • Pest Control
  • Fruit Thinning
  • Harvesting
  • Pruning

I also plan to update a few of my previous orchard posts later in the year, too (i.e., Planning The Orchard, Designing The Orchard, Purchasing the Fruit Trees, etc.). If there’s a specific topic that you would like me to cover and it’s not listed above, please leave me a comment and I’ll make sure I add it to the list.

Throughout the year, you can quickly access my Fruit Tree series as well as my Orchard Calendar series, from the top navigation bar on my blog page under a new category called Home Orcharding.  I will also place a link in the right side bar so you can easily revisit each post as the need arises. I’ll also be sure to add updates as I discover and test out new information and techniques in my own orchard.

On my Fruit Tree Series page, I plan to include a section called Nifty Tools and T’s where I will place links to various tools and templates I have either collected and tested out in my own orchard or developed myself over the years. It’s a resource you may find extremely helpful as you tend to your own home orchard throughout the year.

As a fruit-growing enthusiast, I’m very excited about this series and am anxious to share my experience and techniques with you 🙂 Here’s to an awesome year of fruit!

God Bless,


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14 responses to “Fruit Tree Series

  1. Hi, I’d like to learn about pest control, and what to do with your harvest to keep it/store it when you live in a warm or hot climate.

  2. Mari

    Will you be covering how to get your apple and peach trees at high enough brix in the budding/fruit set stage so they do not suffer from frost damage?

  3. I am SO looking forward to your Fruit Tree Series and next week I’ll hopefully have time to start planning our mini orchard and read here again. You have so much great info.

    Also, I recently accidentally found John’s video about your orchard and gardens — very cool!

    Love that rain today, hopefully will get more rain tomorrow. While everybody is talking about the drought, we actually had more rain than we’re used to this last year.

    • Hi Christine! I still need to plan a visit very soon. Been meaning to make plans with you but I was already behind in my orchard chores and the warmer weather just accelerated everything 😛 Busy, busy, busy. I really want to see the site you’re planning your orchard and hear more details about your plan.

      I’m glad you found the video. John did such an awesome job.

      The rain has been so nice and such a nice welcome.


    looking forward to you blog post and seeing how your orchard is doing !

  5. mulching, sun protection, winter protection, fertilizing

  6. Linda

    Just in time. We close on our house in North Las Vegas next week. Can’t wait to prepare the “soil” and put in my orchard. Plus, have a new art studio! : )

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