Garden Tasks – March

Garden Tasks for March

Orchard To-Do’s…

 CheckBox  Early Water trees every 7 days until May 1st
 CheckBox  Early Water new fruit trees 3x per week until you see new growth
 CheckBox  Early Fertilize fruit trees (low nitrogen)
 CheckBox  Early Give trees EDDHA Iron
 CheckBox  Early Protect Apricots from late frost
 CheckBox  Early Protect Pluots from late frost
 CheckBox March 10 Set clock ahead one hour for Daylight Savings
 CheckBox Mid Put traps out for Peach Twig Borer
 CheckBox  Mid Put traps out for Coddling Moth
 CheckBox  Mid / Late Thin Fruit to reduce weight load and improve fruit quality
 CheckBox  Late Install tree branch spreaders (with new growth)
 CheckBox  Late Perform summer pruning to remove some new growth
 CheckBox  Late Desert Squirrels are active – trap
 CheckBox March 20 First Day of Spring

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