A More Creative Life

Welcome to my series, “31 Days To a More Creative Life”.  Feel free to read through my “series” posts by clicking on any of the links below.  At the end of each post, I’ve provided a link to the next appropriate post in the series so you can start from the Introduction page and easily work your way through 😀

Hope you enjoy!


Day 1: Let Go
Day 2: Define Your Creative Life
Day 3: Wake Up Sleepy Head
Day 4: Get Moving
Day 5 & 6: Eat Better
Day 7: Reflection
Day 8: sorry, no post
Day 9: sorry, no post
Day 10: sorry, no post
Day 11: sorry, no post
Day 12: A Space of Your Own
Day 13: Make Your Space Inspirational
Day 14: Clear the Clutter
Day 15: Freshen the Air
Day 16: Be Ready
Day 17: Share Creative Time with Others
Day 18: Reflection
Day 19: Exploring Your Creative Senses
Day 20: Sight
Day 21: Touch
Day 22: Sound
Day 23: Smell and Taste
Day 24: Creative Brainpower
Day 25 & 26: Reflection
Day 27 & 28: Things That Make Your Heart Sing
Day 29 & 30: Inspiration From a New Angle
Day 31: It’s Only The Beginning!


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