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Welcome Back!

Low Chill Cherry Tree in the DesertHi Friends!

Well, I’m finally back to writing once again after a long, and what seemed like forever, 5-month break. And boy, did I really missed all of you.

Now, as most of you know, I’ve been dealing with a few health challenges for about 4-years now that conventional medicine has failed to provide any real answers or resolutions for. Those of you who have been following my blog for some time now also know that I’ve been growing and eating my own home-grown delicious high brix nutrient dense fruits and vegetables from own backyard. And doing so has done wonders in helping me to feel so much better and take back my life from this mysterious illness. Despite this, my health suddenly took a turn for the worse.

The reason why I’m telling you all of this is not to seek sympathy ~ though prayers are always welcome ~ I feel I owe you an explanation for my absence and to pass along encouragement for those of you who are facing their own health challenges.

For a few months now, I’ve felt like I hit a wall with my progress. No matter how much home-grown fresh greens, fruits and veggies I incorporated into my diet and despite the fact that I pretty much eliminated everything else (i.e., dairy, wheat/gluten, chocolate, fried foods, etc.) for the past 4 years… I felt stuck. In fact, my progress started to feel like it was unraveling. I was eating clean and better than I have in years… so how could this happen? Well, a recent hospital stay and several procedures later, I now have the answer. My major health issue is mechanical and not illness related at all.

While in the hospital, the doctors discovered (finally!) that I have a fairly severe hernia in my abdomen. OMG! It only took conventional medicine 4 years to figure it out. Years ago, it took them a year of head scratching (and lots of pain on my part) to figure out I had a rather common ailment… gallbladder disease. To add insult to injury to this new discovery, I also found out that I have a rather severe electrolyte deficiency (the issue that brought me into the hospital in the first place) as well as a thyroid issue. Holy smokes!

Needless to say, my situation has been quite debilitating at times and has obviously impacted my ability to write on my blog. It’s also slowed me down quite a bit in the garden, too! Aaaaargh. Two things near and dear to my heart 😦

After picking myself back up from this jolting news and a few trips back to my integrative doctor, I’m working through my new challenges and well on my way to healing. Thank goodness for all my home-grown fresh greens, fruits and veggies! I was able to sail through all the invasive tests and procedures and be around a lot of sick people with no issues. A huge difference from just 4-5 years ago, when I would catch anything and everything that blew my direction and have to deal with post-illness infections.

Though this has definitely been a blow to me and my health progress, garden and blog, I’m determined to push through it and continue to move forward. This also includes expanding my natural health arsenal of holistic/homeopathic medicines to include herbs and essential oils as well. I’ve only dipped my toes into this world and am impressed enough that I’ve actually altered our overall garden plan to include a medicinal and aromatherapy garden as well. Definitely more to come on this new adventure!

Bottom-line… I’m glad to be back, appreciate your prayers and have so much to share with you. For those of you currently facing health challenges, I encourage you to grow your own fresh fruits and veggies. Start small and easy like growing fresh greens and herbs. They are jammed packed full of nutrition and health promoting qualities and practically grow themselves!

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next post in my fruit tree series called Fruit Trees: Planting In the Desert Part I and Part II. I should have Part I up on my blog by this Friday. Also, be sure to check out my Facebook and Instagram pages. I regularly post new photos and helpful garden tips and information there.

As a side note… last year, I attempted to start making garden and orchard related videos for you to watch, but that project stalled out a bit with recent events. When things get sorted out here, my videos will be back on track! So keep your eyes peeled.

Before I sign off, did you check out the photo I posted at the top of this page? This is my 3-year-old low-chill Royal Lee cherry tree! Yes, you can grow cherries in the desert. Only a few short months and I’ll be eating deliciously sweet and nutritious cherries direct from my own backyard. Can’t get any more local than that!!!!

It’s been so great chatting with you again. Hope the rest of your day is beyond awesome!

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Happy Easter

Easter Blessings


April 5, 2015 · 12:35 AM

Flavor Delight Aprium

021214_Bee2I know, some of you are saying, “Cute… really?”  Well, bees truly are cute.  Just look at that sweet little face in the photo.  How can that be anything but cute?  Especially knowing that behind all the buzzing, flybys and pollen collectin’ in a single day is a simple miracle.  One of God’s divine plans.  Pollination. Which ultimately leads to… sweet, lip smacking juicy FRUIT!  There’s only one word for all this sticky goodness… Scrumpdelilicious. 

To think that in about mid-May we’ll begin harvesting the first of our Flavor Delight Aprium fruit ~ our first fruit tree to come into harvest.  Yes, it happens that fast!  Just a few weeks ago our trees were waking up from their winter nap, then seemed to suddenly burst into color puffs of flowers like a dry corn kernel bursting open into a puffy piece of popcorn, and now this…

Mar2014_ThinFruit13BAM! Fruitlets galore.

I have to say that I am smitten by the whole “cycle of life” thing our trees so eloquently illustrate in our home orchard.  And just when things appear to calm down and the honey bees focus their attention elsewhere, our Aprium will begin to glow with the color of sunshine.  Deep rich golden goodness. The scent in the air will shift from a floral scent to a glorious apricot sweetness attracting all who wish to sample its promise of taste bud delight.


With all this amazing insight and visual proof of divine order, I’m unable to get past the thought that there are people out there who feel the cycle of life is happenstance.   A spin of the wheel so to speak.  How can such a beautifully orchestrated process come from something other than heavenly?  Simple answer… it’s all part of God’s plan and is absolutely lovely if you ask me 🙂  So grab yourself a piece of fresh-picked sun-warmed fruit, sit back, sink your teeth into all its sweet promise and take comfort in today’s joy and blessings.


Have an awesomely sticky sweet day 🙂

God Bless!



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