Fruit Tree How-To Series



2 responses to “Fruit Tree How-To Series

  1. Mary Carlson

    Do you have any insight on watering for citrus trees here in Las Vegas? I never know if I am killing my orange trees with too much water or not enough water. Will using your guide of keeping the soul moist all the time kill it?

    Also, my water meter stays in the lower moist level all the time even when I haven’t watered. Maybe the soul is cool because I use rock mulch?

    P.s. Thanks for your website! I am also a transplant from a “true” gardening state and have just given up! Thanks to finding your site, I’m going to give it another try!

    • Hi Mary. Glad you checked out my blog and that you’re giving gardening here another try. It requires a lot of patience in the beginning. Both with the new challenges and with yourself. Trust me, if you keep at it, it will happen! Also, I plan to put out a series of videos to help both transplants and brand new gardeners to become better acclimated to gardening here. So be sure to chk out my YouTube channel 🙂 I also hold classes. I post a schedule under Workshops. Trust me, don’t give up. You’ll find your groove. I was in shock for several years after I moved here, when I got over that is when I saw the wonderful possibilities 🙂

      Citrus…they like to dry out a bit before each watering. Right now 1x each week is perfect. When temps reach the triple digits (105F), water 2x week. Deep watering is best, so a nice 15-20 min soak each watering. Also, be sure to feed your citrus every 2 months. Down To Earth makes an excellent food for citrus/avocados.

      Be sure your rock mulch is pulled back away from the trunk of the tree. I recommend 3-foot diameter. Build a water basin to keep the water in and add a 1-inch layer of quality compost or vermicompost.

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