Garden Sketches

Welcome to my gallery of garden, farm and nature inspired sketches using graphite, oil paint, pen & ink or watercolor. Enjoy!

All of my artwork presented here is protected by copyright law. If you link or share from this site, please link back to my blog and be sure to credit me.  Thanks so much 🙂

Click on any image below to view a larger version of the artwork.  Then, to return to this page, click your back button.

Sketch_PumpkinsFlowers_Final“Pumpkins & Flowers” ~ graphite

Chicken“Chicken n’ Chicks” ~ graphite


4 responses to “Garden Sketches

  1. Heidi

    Lovely drawings! You are so talented!

    • Thank you so much Heidi. That is so kind of you to say. I plan to do sketches of my heirloom tomatoes when they start coming in as well as other heirloom varieties of edibles. My hope is to share my garden journal pages as well. These are drawn out in pen & ink and watercolor. Thank you again 😀

    • Hi Ali! Thank you so much for the compliment. It warms my heart when others reach out to me about my art. Thank you.

      Ted and I really enjoyed our visit to your awesome garden shop. Can’t wait until things warm up again in Spring so we can head back out your way 😀

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