Garden Tasks – June


Orchard To-Do’s…

 CheckBox  Daily Harvest tree ripened fruit 🙂
 CheckBox  Daily Pick up fallen fruit to prevent attracting pests/insects
 CheckBox Daily Write important findings, observations, etc. in your garden journal
 CheckBox Daily
Keep a watchful eye for pests/insects; hand pick and destroy or use organic methods of control -CAUTION! Be selective and always take care to keep your bee and other beneficial insect populations’ health in mind.
 CheckBox   Weekly Water fruit trees 2x each week!
 CheckBox  As needed Install bird netting to prevent bird damage on fruit
 CheckBox As needed Summer prune
 CheckBox As needed Install tree branch spreaders
 CheckBox  Early Check/test/repair irrigation
 CheckBox  1-2x month Fertilize fruit trees (with organic / low nitrogen)IMPORTANT: use of synthetic / non-organic fertilizers will destroy your soil health (the life-sustaining source for your plants) – always use organic 🙂

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