The Art of Edible Gardening Workshop 101

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The Art of Edible Gardening ~ Workshop 101
Grow Way Beyond Organic

Date:                    Saturday, September 17th

Duration:            3 hours ~ 9:00AM – 12:00PM

Cost:                     $25.00 + $5.00 for materials

Workshop limited to 10-15 participants


Workshop Description

This workshop is the first in a series of comprehensive workshops with a goal toward building usable knowledge and skill. The Art of Edible Gardening workshops teach the foundational principles of growing a health-centered edible garden with Biological Gardening using a regenerative approach to soil and garden health. All without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers. Biological Gardening using a regenerative approach produces…

  • Healthy vigorous plants
  • Higher yields
  • Rich healthy soil loaded with soil micro life
  • Food that is high in measurable nutrition
  • Plants that are able to reach their optimum growth potential,
  • And a garden filled with beneficial predators and pollinators with little to no pest pressures

Sounds like the results you’ve been seeking for your edible garden? Then The Art of Edible Gardening Workshop series is a perfect choice for you. Beginner and experienced edible gardeners are welcome!

My workshops focus on providing you with the tools and support you need to become a successful edible gardener even in our hostile desert climate.

Workshop Outline

  • An Introduction to Biological Gardening using a Regenerative Approach to Growing Edibles

    • What is Biological Gardening?
    • Building a Healthy Garden ~ The Benefits to Regenerating Your Soil
    • A Look at Soil Micro Life and What They Need to Thrive In “Our Soil”
    • A Game Plan to Successfully Maneuver Through Our Climate’s Challenges
      • Building Healthy Soil
      • Soil Amendments
      • Watering
      • Fertilizing
      • Pest Management
    • When to Plant for Optimum Plant Health
  • Seasonal Edible Growing (Fall Crops)
  • Garden Tour

The Art of Edible Gardening is information packed so bring a notepad and pen 🙂 Students who complete this workshop will be able to participate in Workshop 102.

All participants will receive a workshop reference guide complete with indispensable edible growing charts and reference guides researched and developed by the Artistic Gardener herself.  Each participant will also go home with a surprise gift for their future biological garden!

Available at the Workshop

  • Biological starter kits
  • Soil Amendments for Biological/Regenerative Edible Gardening

Be prepared to have fun, to learn, become part of a growing biological gardening community, and who knows… you may even win one of the awesome prizes I’ll be giving away, too!

Workshops fill up fast, so reserve your spot today!

Many Blessings,



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